Sage Collection

Sage Collection


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Each on-demand, royalty-free curated Collection forms a dazzling and intricately balanced sonic ecosystem designed to bring immediate emotional depth and color to your brand’s visual world.

The Sage Collection takes cues from the sounds of nature with harps, flutes and percussion mimicking chirping birds, rustling leaves and rain on clear water.

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Figure 3

  • Duration: 38s

  • Instrumentation: Electric Harps, Marimba, Violins, Violins, Celli & Electronics

Figure 6

  • Duration: 1m50s

  • Instrumentation: Flutes, Clarinets, Violins, Violas, Celli, Basses & Electronics

Figure 7

  • Duration: 46s

  • Instrumentation: Piccolos, Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Electronically Morphed Struck Glass & Electric Harps