Natural Harmonik is a creative agency building bespoke sonic worlds for creatives, brands AND motion pictures, founded by award-winning composer, Thérèse-marie Chaix.


when a SINGLE note sounds, A KALEIDOSCOPE OF OTHER tones soar high above AND BELOW what we hear, ALL RINGING IN PERFECT HARMONY. these other notes are called harmonics. their presence determines the tone and timbre, the mood and color, of the notes we hear. when these SUPPORTING TONES are illuminated on a string instrument like A HARP OR A cello by touching the strings gently at division points, the resulting timbre is a glossy, ethereal, shimmering sound called a natural harmonik.

that is who we are. we’re supporting tones, bringing color, mood, and emotive depth to our collaborators’ CREATIONS, our music HARMONIZING WITH and RESONATING organically from the breadth of their creative vision. Our COLLABORATIVE process revolves around our INTENTION to provide value in this way and serve the greater creative vision above all else. get in touch and get started⟶