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bespoke sonic worlds are designed to support, evolve with, and express the emotions behind your content & creations, developing a new dimension of your brand’s universe—one that establishes strong emotional bonds between your audience and your story.



first things first

“we discuss your needs, your vision and your wildest dreams for your sonic world as a whole. I ask for keywords describing emotions and imagery that encapsulate your world. We talk about instruments, musical styles, musicians you love and pieces of music that inspire you and that you feel are in alignment with your visual world. your ideas and inspirations are translated into a Sound Diary.” — Thérèse Chaix




The Sound Diary is a sprawling, ever-expanding audio file made up of textures, timbres, melodies and harmonies composed to encapsulate your world. After the first draft of the Sound Diary is complete, it is submitted to you for your review. The Sound Diary is continually expanded upon with each project. after the first two projects are complete, you have access to the sound diary as an extra body of music to pull from and apply to content and creations on-demand.




All of the notes, revisions, dates, deadlines and music written for projects are noted in a spreadsheet called a Cue Sheet. The Cue Sheet keeps track of when, for what purpose and exactly how much music has been written, down to the precise minutes and seconds. It is used as a record of all correspondence, to calculate pricing and it is available as a shared file for you to view any time.



what’s included

all bespoke sonic worlds include unlimited correspondence and revisions. Also included are any and all necessary production costs (studio equipment, instruments, engineers, etc.) as well as unlimited instrumentation combinations and levels of complexity from solo piano to full orchestra with choir, electronics, and beyond. New instruments can also be acquired or built to fulfill a vision for a project. get in touch and get started⟶


thérèse chaix builds bespoke virtual & irl sonic experiences that traverse and translate the emotions that define what it means to be human.

“I believe in the dignity of the human experience and the power of music to tell our stories in a universal language that brings people together.”



hailed as “an artist in command of her craft, in possession of a prodigious imagination,” thérèsE chaix is an award-winning media & concert music composer whose passion for interdisciplinary collaboration catalyzed the launch of her collaborative studio in 2019. Chaix’s fascination with the power of art to transform our view of the world and bring people together blossomed into a life-long passion while spending a childhood creating worlds with words, colors, and music in Northern California. A classically trained pianist and cellist from the age of three, Thérèse began composing at the age of nine and received her education in music composition in Zurich, Switzerland and New York City.

With her music, Chaix forges complex sonic environments encompassing deep emotional breadth, timbral saturation and architectural precision rendering the familiar strange and the strange beautiful. She specializes in lush orchestral scoring, whimsical chamber music, and sound collages using atmospheric found sounds from everyday objects, city streets and nature. always on the hunt for new sonic colors to add to her ever-expanding palette, she utilizes unconventional instrumentationS and traditional orchestral instruments scored in non-traditional ways to produce new & beautiful, otherworldly timbres and textures.

thérèse is an intuitive composer, drawing from a strong academic, classical background in compositional theory and technique. The inspiration she draws from nature, poetry, visual art, and her French, Swedish, Spanish and Filipina roots come together to form her distinct compositional aesthetic. Above all, Chaix composes music as a vehicle for empathy and catharsis by telling stories in a universal language that traverse and translate the emotions that define what it means to be human.


for collaborations, consultations, quotes, & all other inquiries, email thérèse at

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